Brussels Debaters

Every wednesday
This month (February) :
03 10 17 24 03
19h00 - 22h00

Brussels Debaters aims to make our society more inclusive by empowering individuals to exchange views with people of different backgrounds. Every week, we debate a controversial topic in a format originating in the British Parliament. You can join and observe or practice your persuasive skills under the motto ‘learning by doing’.

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What is debating?

Debating is more than public speaking. Aristotle put forth the persuasive ideals of ETHOS – an establishment of one’s own credibility, LOGOS – an appeal to reason, and PATHOS – an appeal to emotion. With this is mind, a successful speech must be delivered in a credible, clear and captivating manner.

In which language do you debate, and about what?

We debate in English, often about political topics and current events. However, some of most successful past debates have covered such diverse topics as ‘As cavemen, this house believes it is time to abandon our hunter-gatherer lifestyle’. and ‘This House believes Trump will make America great!’

Besides the Grand Debate nights, the host announces the exact motion on the night, with 15 minutes preparation time.

Can I join?

Yes! Whether a first timer or a seasoned debater, you are welcome to join. There is no need to prepare anything… but following the news does not hurt.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, and we encourage people with disabilities, non-binary and people of colour to attend. The venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Can I spectate?

Of course, but sooner or later, everyone should take the plunge! There is no training that can equal standing in front of an audience for 5 minutes, trying to keep your speech fluent and comprehensible.

How much is it?

It’s free. However, we now offer an expert evaluation of your performance plus one professional coaching session for €121. Your contribution helps cover the rent as well as the MeetUp fee. We want to keep Brussels Debaters open to everyone and give you an opportunity to learn even more. Interested? Just talk to us at the next debate night.