Improv for all

Every monday
This month (April) :
05 12 19 26
18h30 - 20h30


Theatre improv beginner and intermediate levels welcome. Short and long-form improv.

We will start off with warm-up games and after that longer scene games and guessing games are played.

If you are new to Improv, no worries! The games and basic rules will be explained. One rule of Improv you have to keep in mind is “Yes and..”. Meaning, in a scene/game you accept a reality and add to it.

The sessions are in English.
RSVP Rules

We insist on you update your RSVP in a timely manner. If you cannot attend the session anymore, please update your RSVP, even if you are on the waiting list. Just changing your RSVP 2 hours before the event is also not really helpful to the people on the waiting list. Once in a while it is ok to do so if there’s an emergency, but do let us know in the comment section or by sending a message to the moderators.

If we see a pattern in the attendance of our members, like them not updating their RSVP or doing it very late, then we will be forced to take action by prohibiting those members from further attending any of our sessions.

This is to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance.



We will be on the second floor of The Sister Cafe.
Please get a drink or snacks at the bar, which helps us keep this amazing place.