Improv on Thursdays

Every thursday
This month (February) :
07 14 21 28
19h30 - 22h30

Let’s meet up and do improv together!

This session is for intermediate-level actors. If you have not done improv for a long time already, we recommend going to regular sessions instead (regular sessions are good for all levels and are usually scheduled for every 1st, 2nd, and 4th Monday of the month).

What we do in intermediate sessions:

• More advanced concepts (setting others up for success, playing off of the moderator, advanced characters and teamwork, involving audience, relationships, show techniques, etc.)

• Moderating scenes, workshops, and shows

• More difficult games and more advanced techniques for regular games

• General practice sessions to perfect fundamentals (not just introducing them)

• Longform, musical improv, etc. (when we have people with the expertise)

What we WON’T DO in intermediate sessions:

• Explanations of most games (some new games once in a while, but otherwise well expect you to know the games already)

• Workshops on fundamental concepts (yes/and, object permanence, miming basics, physicality basics, clean scenes, etc.)

• Focus on basic exercises and warmups (we will still have exercises and warmups, but move to scene games much sooner)

How to know whether intermediate sessions are right for you (send us a message if you’re not sure):

• You could teach the concepts of yes/and, negs, and pimps/outsourcing

• You’ve been to workshops on many fundamentals (object permanence, miming, physicality, clean scenes, teamwork, listening, characters, moderating, storylining, etc.)

• You know how to play 50-75% of the games in regular sessions, and rarely get confused about what we’re doing

• You can moderate several games (you will likely have to)

• You’ve been to 25 regular sessions or more