Make a movie

Every sunday
This month (December) :
02 09 16 23 30

Let’s make some movies together!

Everybody is welcome and no former experience is required. We’ll need actors, writers, editors, and camera (smartphone or other) people. Let us know which role you want to take up

Here is our youtube channel:… (

Hi everyone.

14:00: We meet in the Sister and discuss what we will film. Bring short dialogs or small scripts ideas if you want.

14:30: We go out and film. You can act, film with your smartphone or other, give ideas, or just watch.

16:00: We meet back at the Sister and watch the footage together.

Afterwards: We upload the footage to the dropbox account. I will give you the login/password. People who want to edit, can edit the footage afterwards at home.

See you all Sunday