Brussels Conflict Management & Mediation

19 January 2020
This event is ended
17h00 - 19h00

The countdown is on for “Personalities that can wreck your life” save your spot

This captivating workshop is about being able to identify the types of people who can wreck your life. If you’ve ever been the deer in the searchlight, frozen by excessive language or wildly inappropriate actions, being able to recognize the kind of personalities that can inflict a deep and lasting wound to your reputation, self-esteem, career or personal life is crucial.

In this session we are going to plunge into the specific patterns and warning signs of the five kind of personalities that can make your life miserable.

We will look at the causes and origins of personality disorders, their prevalence and distribution among the different segments of the population. We will also have a glimpse at what happens in the mind of High Conflict Personalities with these personality disorders from a physiological standpoint and how to effectively understand and interact with them based using this knowledge.

We will also look at why the prevalence of these five types of people seems to increase and what are the societal conditions that facilitate this phenomenon.

Join us for this fascinating trip into their psychology which can save you from months and years of frustration, heartache, agony and even life.