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    Gluten free bread

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    A sip through comfort

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    Belgian, microbrewed and organic beers

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    L’abbaye de Brogne

  • Livraison étique de plats bio read

    Ethical organic food delivery?

    Order an express organic home delivery, plan your order for a specific time or choose the take away mode. The Sister Café prepares your organic meals and are delivered at home by bike by Proxideal, an ethical application 100% Belgian.

  • poivrons - produit bio read

    ELEOS : Greek, organic products

    Discover one of our organic products suppliers who allow us to fill your plates in a responsible way, respecting your health and the planet.

  • pain sans gluten read

    Naturally gluten free, Chambelland focaccia bread

    People with celiac disease can eat gluten-free bread instead of regular bread.

    Gluten-free bread can be made with cereals that are naturally gluten-free, such as buckwheat, rice, oats, quinoa, millet, fox tail amaranth (kiwicha), teff, tapioca, sorghum or corn.

    Soy, chestnut and chickpea flours are also gluten-free.

  • produits bio Bruxelles read

    Drinking and eating organically

    Depuis 2015 The Sister Brussels Café offre aux consommateurs exclusivement des produits issus de l’agriculture biologique.

    Installé dans centre historique de Bruxelles, The Sister offre une gamme complète de produits alimentaires bio, locals, de saison et non industriels. Vous y découvrirez les richesses d’une alimentation vivante et saine aves des produits naturels pour touts ses plats et boissons.

  • Exhibition in Brussels read

    Héctor Villarroel exhibition at The Sister

    To the question what does it mean to you, I would answer that it is life. This is what allows us to escape from a very cruel reality at times, but also to endure and understand it. It is through art that what is best in human beings we have been transmitted. Art arouses emotions and provides various sensations for those who appreciate it and for those who create it. It is no wonder that it is present in everyone’s life. Without art, the world would function like a machine.

    Blaise Mato partner at The Sister

  • restaurant durable read

    Labelled by Good Food

    Since 2018, the Good Food Resto label values and supports restaurants that are involved in a

    sustainable approach, and allows the people of Brussels to distinguish restaurants in the capital

    that are exemplary in this respect.

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    Made in Belgium by Giusi Genduso Blogger

    MADE IN BELGIUM – Episode 2 !

    Un nouvel épisode de “Made in Belgium” est en ligne et  vous emmène découvrir The Sister Brussels Café​ 

    Merci Giusi!

  • Brussels organic rythm newsletter read

    The Sister on the Ukrainian national television

    Our restaurant appear for the first time in a foreign TV news!

    This happened on Ukrainian national television, in a report on the zero waste lifestyle.
    Bad news: you have to understand Ukrainian…?

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    Our house in Carolina’s video from Go Carol blog

    Carolina (Go Carol blog) visited Brussels and took some time in our house.
    Here is her video report, with some images of The Sister !

  • Cheese morning with MozzaRiselle read

    MozzaRisella, the vegan mozzarella

    MozzaRisella is a new way to continue eating something that we love, but respecting our health, the environment and the animals.
    Discover what is this amazing and tasty vegan mozzarella!

  • Egg bouddha bowl read

    A vegan and healthy breakfast in Brussels

    You’re in a healthy way, travel or living here, and want sometimes to take a great breakfast in Brussels with vegan or gluten free options ? We have this ! Discover The Sister breakfast.

  • Organic beer - Sarazen read

    Organic Sarrazen : The black wheat blonde

    Discover the organic Sarazen, the black wheat blonde at 6,5% alcohol, that you can degust in our home.

  • Exhibition Jacqueline Fauconnier read

    Jacqueline Fauconnier expose ses toiles

    Armée d’un parcours atypique, Jacqueline Fauconnier, fluctue entre plusieurs univers artistiques. Citoyenne du monde, ses travaux jouent de l’interaction.

  • Artwing curator read

    Artwing Curator

    Le premier établissement Artwing Curator, The Sister Brussels Café, ouvrira très bientôt ses portes à une exposition Artwing.

  • Exhibition Martine Souren read

    Exposition par Martine Souren

    De charmantes formes féminines tout en finesse et en suggestion se mêleront ainsi à la force vive des danseurs. Des teintes choisies minutieusement contrebalanceront un noir et blanc sans alternatives.

  • Exhibition Karine Josson read

    Exposition à l’encre de Chine de Karine Coekelberghs-Josson

    Dernière ligne droite pour visiter l’exposition des œuvres à l’encre de Chine de Karine Coekelberghs-Josson, artiste peintre, débuté le dimanche 2 avril, elle s’achève le 28 Mai 2017.

  • News about The Sister and the Organic rhythm read

    The Sister in After BX1

    Discover our coffee place and what we propose, through this extract of After BX1 for BX1 TV.

  • The Sister Brussels Café read

    Un café vegan-friedly et zéro déchet -par Happy Green Me-

    The Sister Café est un vegan friedly à Bruxelles qui offre une large sélection de plats végans avec plus de 30 propositions différentes (entrées et desserts compris). Et ils ne comptent pas s’arrêter là, puisque bientôt ils vont aussi rajouter sur le menu des wraps végans. Que ce soit pour un lunch entre amis, un quatre-heures gourmand ou un dîner léger, tout vegan bruxellois ou de passage trouvera son bonheur dans ce café.