Brussels Handpan Gathering

21 March 2023
This event is ended

Benny Bettane, from Australia and currently based in Antwerp, is an internationally renowned handpan player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and handpan teacher. As a pioneer of handpan composition and performance, Benny developed a unique and effective method of teaching handpan with great success. For the last 7 years he has been performing and teaching throughout Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and North America. He explores the creative bounds of his instrument playing with musicians in multiple styles, including world music, jazz, funk, electronic music, and rap, creating new interesting fusion genres. On the spiritual side Benny uses the power of the handpan for healing through sound sessions. His magic has traveled around the world, attracting various yogis and spiritual celebrities as Guruji sri sri Ravi Schankar and Bhakti Yoga educator Saul David Raye.

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Ouverture des portes à 19h30 et début du concert à 20h
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