Brussels Let’s Write! Group

09 February 2020
This event is ended
09h45 - 12h15

Please notice our new venue !

Write, compose music, edit pictures or videos in the company of other creative professionals, beginners, and anybody in between.

Our schedule:
– 10:00 we make ourselves comfortable, get a drink, have a chat, briefly explain what we are going to work on
– 10:15 we get down to work
– 12:00 we socialise, continue writing, or leave

What you need:
– Your laptop, or pen and paper
– Ear plugs if you’re easily distracted by background music or other people’s conversation

Please be on time.
If you’re late, come in and start writing. We’ll catch up at the end !
If you cannot attend, please cancel your attendance.

Show our hosts your appreciation by buying something and leaving a tip please. We are quite lucky to have a free venue near the Grand Place.

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Optional parallel review session
At 10:15 you can get down to work as usual, or you can join a review session if you like to:
– have your writing reviewed
– review other members’ writing

You may like to have a chapter of your book or your poem or part of your short story reviewed by other members. Please not more than 1,500 words for obvious time constraints.

Feel free to propose your writing also in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, or other languages.