Creative Work Session – Weekday Edition

31 January 2019
This event is ended

I work from home most days, and cafes seem to be quieter during the week, so join me for a weekday creative work session! If you do craft, writing, artwork or anything, and want to work quietly in the same space as other creative people while drinking a coffee or hot chocolate, please do come along.

The schedule for this event is to briefly introduce ourselves and what we’ll be working on after we are all together, and then work quietly together for about an hour and a half. Afterwards, people can chat if they want or keep working.

If you cannot make it to a weekday session, I will be organising a weekend session when I am back from the UK after Christmas, so hang tight 😉

I would like to emphasise that women and minorities from all backgrounds are especially welcome at these events.


This group exists to bring together creative people in Brussels. This could be: writers, musicians, artists, crafters, needleworkers, poets, photographers, film-makers, graphic designers, and anybody else — if you enjoy imagining, designing, and creating, you’ve found the right Meetup!

This group can be what you want it to be, but what I’m aiming for at least is a series of cafe sessions to work on what makes us happy. The hope is that if a group of creative people get together on a regular basis to discuss and work on their projects, we will all feel more motivated to complete those projects, especially those of us who have jobs/study in an unrelated field and need an excuse to set aside time to create without feeling guilty. Not to mention the exciting potentials for collaboration, constructive criticism, and social networking.

**I particularly want to welcome and encourage women and minorities from ALL backgrounds to join and be creative with me. I want *everyone* to feel comfortable expressing themselves and their experiences through artistic pursuits!**

So if you want to work independently with motivation from the creative people around you, I look forward to seeing you at our next event 🙂

RSVP Policy:

Please note that it can be difficult to manage a group when the slated number of people coming is unreliable. If you are no longer able to come to an event, please change your RSVP. If you say you will come to an event but do not show up two times, you will sadly be removed from the group.