Effective Altruism Brussels community

23 April 2024
19h30 - 21h30
Curious to meet the Effective Altruism Brussels community? Come join us to discuss EA ideas and have fun in a casual setting. We look forward to meeting you!
Please come by if you would like to discuss Effective Altruism, or want to talk about how to apply these ideas in your everyday life; or maybe about what you can do to promote EA. Even if you don’t really know what Effective Altruism is and just want to ask some questions, you’re very welcome. And feel free to bring along a friend!
Effective Altruism is a movement that tries to answer one simple question: How can we use our time, money and resources to help others the most? Instead of just doing what feels good, effective altruists try to use reason and evidence to do the most good.
We reserved the large table in the back of the ground floor.
Can’t find us? Call +32498458061 (Leentje) or +32499401427 (Jeroen)