“Fear of Failure or Fear of Success – the agony which prevents you having the life that you desire”.

28 October 2021
18h30 - 20h30

Do you have many ideas and initiatives but when it is time to put them in practice you feel paralysed?
Do you start many projects and you spread your energy all over them but you never finish them and if you are close to finish them you will find a way to sabotage yourself and never finalise them?

Well congrats!

It means you have either the fear of failure or the fear of success!

Don’t worry!!!
Most of us have one or another!

Many people either don’t initiate anything or very insignificant steps which are not at their level and their competencies or they initiate many projects and they spread in many directions, they consume all their energy, they waste their health and in the end they never reach the final destination!

From childhood most of us pick up ideas that success is important and we also notice that failure has the potential to cause us a lot of pain. As we grow up we make choices about how much risk we are prepared to take to achieve something that we really want.

Whenever there is a high risk of failure we actively or subconsciously go against them and give up the possibility of success.

Meanwhile the fear of failure you can feel it from an early age, the fear of success is not that easily to be discovered.

People who are afraid of success they may claim that there were specific obstacles in their path which stopped them from achieving success… they find explanations but if you really explore these obstacles that they are invoking you might discover that it is their way of sabotaging themselves and the obstacles are either surmountable or do not really exists.

If you find this topic interesting or if you think you have one of these fears or you might have questions related to these fears, join me on the 28th of October to discuss and discover more about the fear of failure and fear of success and also to identify clear tools to diminish these fears and to manage them easier.

Let’s discuss about our strategies of success and our strategies of failure!