Jacques Cassiman exhibition -ground floor-

from 05 Sep to 31 Dec 2022
This event is ended


CASSIMAN JACQUES Painter, sculptor, jewelry designer.

Training in drawing at the Saint-Luc Institute in Schaerbeek (1960), 
in painting and modeling at the Brussels Academy (1961 - 1965), 
in sculpture at the Ecaussinnes Technical School (1965).
"Jacques Cassiman is situated in the movement of critical figuration. 
His main theme is exclusion: he paints antagonism, expropriations, censorship, refusal; walls, doors, palisades. 
From 1989, appear in his works of words that give us clues to a possible understanding: contre, no life, vivre... 
He pays great attention to the composition: each canvas is part of a network of geometric or parallel lines.
Since 1994, he evolves towards a material painting by introducing sand and resin. 
The surfaces are scratched, scarred. 
The subjects, treated at the limit of abstraction, are reduced to a few straight lines representing leaves, double doors, blinds while his colors lighten. 
His patterns can be explained by a growing deafness. Painting serves as his therapy. 
He seeks a balance between drawing and painting, between line and color, between sensitivity and int ellect, between content and form. 
The colors are applied in several layers of different tones in order to produce a sort of vibration of the surface. 
The shapes are surrounded by a dark, supple line which separates the planes".