Saturday Special: Blogging Round Table

02 March 2019
This event is ended
10h00 - 12h00

Welcome to another Blogging round table. Whether you are an experienced blogger, a new blogger or are just curious, come join us!

Purpose of this Saturday Special is to bring people together who are already blogging or interested in starting a blog.
Please be aware that this is no workshop but rather a round table that benefits of active discussions & contributions by its participants.

Julien kindly offered to kick-off the discussion with a short intro about the topic ‘blogging’. If you have a topic where you can give us some insights (planning, platforms, GDPR,…), please let us know.

When signing up for the event, please take some moments to answer the questions:
* Skill level ?
* What do you hope to get out of the round table?

Any questions? Feel free to leave a comment!