The Brussels Philosophy

22 June 2024
15h00 - 18h00

This group is meant for anyone who loves to philosophize and who thrives on the experience of philosophizing together in an informal setting. Philosophy lives not only in the written word, but also in the spoken word.
The spirit of these meetups is to explore broadly and deeply themes and topics we might consider to be important and meaningful, using the tools of critical and creative thinking.
Although some/many of us may have studied philosophy at university or elsewhere, this meetup group presupposes no formal study of philosophy or of the history of philosophy. Ideas of great thinkers of past and present do however end up naturally in our talks and these of course always serve as valuable material during our discussions.
Note: although we use English as common language, it is not at all necessary to speak it perfectly. 90% of our participants speak English as a 2nd language. Our meetups have proven to be wonderful opportunities to meet philosophical others from many diverse backgrounds!
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