The Protection of Humanitarian Aid Workers in Conflict

18 June 2019
This event is ended
19h00 - 20h30

The deteriorating security situation for aid workers remains one of the vital but overlooked issues in humanitarian aid. The increase in attacks against aid workers in recent years raises questions concerning the scope of their protection and ways to improve them. Despite advancements in ensuring respect for International Humanitarian Law (IHL), violations of its rules remain a widespread problem. One principal reason behind this negative trend has been the shift in the nature of conflicts and the role of the “war on terror”. Other reasons stem from internal developments of humanitarian actors, namely a lack of transparency or the co-optation of aid which results in increased politicization and the disintegration of the civilian nature of humanitarian assistance. What role can International Humanitarian Law play to keep aid workers safe in the future?

YPFP Brussels is pleased to invite you to an interesting and engaging evening with Mr. Reinhold Erdt, former humanitarian aid worker, who will lead a discussion on humanitarian aid and the protection of aid workers in conflict situations.

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