the sister café events

Top floor Sister – Improv group

Every monday
This month (April) :
01 08 15 22 29
19h00 - 22h00

Please take a moment to read the information and rules for the sessions.

Overview: Improv sessions in English accepting all levels. We play short and long-form improv comedy, which includes theater-style scenes, guessing, and group games.


  • Timing
  • Location
  • Participation (Attendees list)
  • RSVP rules
  • Improv session format
  • Who is it for? (Participation requirement)


  • Timing
    Being on time will help you and everyone.

18h15 – Doors open
Please take this time to order your drinks/food and settle in.
18h30 – Start of the session

Are you late?
Please inform the event host, or comment on the event page. If you arrive late and the session is already in progress, please wait on the side till the game/scene is finished. Wait for the session moderator to indicate when you can start participating.

  • Location
    The session takes place on the first floor of The Sister Cafe. Stairs next to the bar. It’s the room with a curtain at the door.
  • Participation (Attendee list)
    The session is limited to 12 attendees. This is to ensure that the session is manageable and everybody gets enough chances to participate.

Therefore, only the people on the “attendee list” are allowed to be present at the session and participate.

Waiting list: People on the waiting list should keep an eye on the updates, in case someone from the attendees’ list drops and you get their spot.

Just want to observe? Usually, we don’t allow any extra audience during these sessions. We invite you to come to any of our shows.
But if for some reason you are only interested in observing and not participating, please contact the event host on meetup, or talk with them personally at the session and explain your reasons. Admission for this is not guaranteed.

People on the attendee list are expected to take part.

  • RSVP Rules
  • Please update your RSVP status in a timely manner, if you can’t make it to the session. This applies to people on the attendee list AND waiting list.
  • If you are on the waiting list, and already know that you won’t be able to join in case someone from the main list drops, please update your RSVP to “not going”. This will give the chance to the next person on the waiting list.
  • Emergencies aside, please update your rsvp status on time. Canceling last minute or just 1 hour before isn’t helpful.
  • If we see a pattern from someone not showing up after confirming, or last-minute cancellations, we reserve the right to prohibit access to the sessions.
  • Please write a comment if you cancel and your spot becomes available. With this others will get an extra notification.

Improv Session Format

The session is held in English.
The session is divided into three sections: Warm up, Scene games, and Cool down.
Warmup: Quick group games are played to break the ice and get the creative juices flowing.
Scenes: Then we move on to scene games. These are mostly from short-form improv, which can include different games with various gimmicks, like story building, character work, guessing, etc
Cool down: One or two short group games to end the session. The rules are explained by the moderator before each game.

There is no obligation to take part in games that you are not comfortable with.

There can be feedback after a game is played. This is so that we learn from each other and gain skills and insights.

Tip: If you are new, pay attention to the regular players when they are performing and notice small details, like how a stage is cleared before a scene, how to enter a scene, and how to collaborate with each other.

  • Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in improv! We accept all levels, beginners, and advanced participants
This is a great place to start if you are new to improv. The basics will be explained. We only require the “Yes, and…!” spirit!
If you are an advanced player and have ideas and games to share and work on, please do let us know.

We look forward to welcoming you and doing improv!