Vernissage Exhibition EXO-PAYSAGES

07 March 2019
This event is ended
18h00 - 22h00

“Speaking about me, about you, about the western man who’s bored of
the beauty of stars”. Hugo Bonnet-Massip

Illustrator on the Microsoft Paint Software at first, Hugo extends his prac-
tice to screen printing and learns all of it. Perfect technique for art repro-
duction, he first uses it as a printing method, and then shapes unique art

EXO-PAYSAGES is the result of this research, conducted since 2016,
which tends to obscure the barriers between the mediums of painting and
screen printing.
It is during his Master Diploma at the Erg School in October 2018 that
Hugo become fascinated about space. The essay named “Conte de la
Lune” written by Fréderique Aït-Touati, which highlights the exchanges

between science and fiction during the astronomical revolution at the be-
ginning of the 17th century, inspired him so much, that he will produc-
es several projects, linking art and science at the same time. By going

through documentary videos and installations that mix reality and fiction,
Hugo Bonnet-Massip experiments a new vision of the universe. –