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ELEOS : Greek, organic products

Discover one of our organic products suppliers who allow us to fill your plates in a responsible way, respecting your health and the planet.

Good things are made by simple and passionate people

By working directly with producers, ELEOS offers us organic products. Ethical and authentic products made with respect for the environment, local communities and the consumer.

Since the creation of the ELEOS brand 10 years ago, every day they work and continue to do so, following the same values of quality and respect.

Thanks to this, they have been able to build real human relationships with the producers who represent the ELEOS family and also with us, faithful consumers in Northern Europe.

The ELEOS organic sweet peppers are grown in Northern Greece and are offered just a stone’s throw from the Grand Place in Brussels in our focaccias, vegan waffles and antipasti made with quality products.

An assortment of organic handcrafted products based on the famous PDO peppers of Florina in Greece from the Naoumidis product range of which we are proud.

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poivrons - produit bio
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Because their know-how allows us to offer you organic products, selected first of all for their taste and quality, their natural and fair virtues.

Picked delicately in season of maturity, the peppers bio AOP keep its gustatory and nutritional qualities.

The ultra vitaminized red peppers

– A vitamin bomb with a record level of vitamin C in the vegetable category: 146 mg/100 g

– Good source of vitamin A – B2 – B3 – Potassium

– Good for the heart! Numerous antioxidant substances (flavonoids, carotenoids, lycopene) slow down cancer and cardiovascular pathologies.

– Dietetic with its 90% of water and its 29 calories/100 g.