Cheese morning with MozzaRiselle

MozzaRisella, the vegan mozzarella

MozzaRisella is a new way to continue eating something that we love, but respecting our health, the environment and the animals.
Discover what is this amazing and tasty vegan mozzarella!

History of classic mozzarella

Mozzarella is a spun cheese (buffalo milk or cow’s milk). Once curd, the dough is stretched and lifted, giving it a ligamentous texture.
Then, the dough is soaked in hot water, then “mozzata”, which means “cut” manually to give it the right size. This is from this last process that it takes its name.

The “real mozzarella” is “di buffala”, with buffalo milk. The origin was the introduction of buffaloes, in the 10th century, in swampy areas of Campania. Burata cheese made in Apulia since the 20th century from mozzarella and has a creamy heart.

Why MozzaRisella, a vegan mozzarella ?

Food sensitivities and intolerances are affecting a growing number of people. It’s estimated that over 70% of the world population is somehow experiencing these.
This is why the vegan mozzarella is particularly attractive to those who have lactose intolerances.

The main ingredient of the vegan mozzarella that we propose, and maked by MozzaRisella, is whole-grain rice, which is rich in many nutritional compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals…

Cheese morning with MozzaRisella

The cheese morning with MozzaRisella, see our Food menu for more infos

An ecological and ethical way of thinking

This product is 100% plantbased, and their production does not involve any kind of  deforestation.
It also don’t kill any animal. “Why” do you say ?

Because the cattle industry is responsible for:

  • 51% of the total greenhouse gas emissions
  • 91% of the Amazon deforestation
  • The extinction of over 100 species of animals/day
  • 50% of the total amount of cereals produced to be used as  cattle feed
  • And many others things…

In contrast, a vegan diet requires 16 times less land usage, 13 times less water, 11 times less petrol and produces 50% less CO2 emissions.

Whether for the ecological way of thinking (excessive water consumption) as for the protection of animals, there are many good reasons to adopt a plant based diet, it helps to maintain a healthy world!

What’s this mozzarella based on sprouted brown rice ?

Brown rice for Mozzarisella

Rice cultivation comes from the ancient Far East, later expanding to the Western European territory.
In Italy, rice has been known for long, and was historically sold in the spice market as a special food for health and wellness.

Whole grain rice is a food item recommended by a large number of nutritionists for its numerous virtues and nutritional values.

MozzaRisella activates whole grain brown rice seeds (Italian origin), through the natural method of sprouting, using spring water straight from the heart of the Lessinia Natural Park.

It has been used for a long time in cases of asthenia and convalescence, as it is refreshing and easily digestible. In its sprouted form, it is composed of a multitude of micronutrients.

It also contains good levels of protein, complex carbohydrates, fibers, and it is a good source of oligominerals.

A good choice for you, the animals and the planet

Here it is a large number of arguments to try this vegan mozzarella that we propose in our home.
Organic plantbased with innovative flavours, grown and sprouted in Italy respecting the environment and animals, this vegan mozzarella has all to seduce you.


Credits : “Rice brown” photography by Rob & Dani under Creative Commons 2.0 licence