A sip through comfort

Do you take your coffee seriously? Because we do. We want your face to fill with dreamy delight when that intoxicating aroma tickles your nose. And for you to relax into luxurious satisfaction when your first sip wakes you in the morning or revitalizes you in the afternoon. 
Nothing makes us happier than for you to be swimming in coffee joy. That’s why we did our homework when choosing which coffee to serve.

One of the biggest benefits of organic produce is its taste. And this is particularly true of quality Arabica coffee. Every subtle aromatic hint has its place. And they combine to make a unique and sumptuous taste. There are plenty of reasons. For example, our coffee is grown at an altitude of 1500 meters. And this happens in volcanic soil, rich in mineral salts. The beans are harvested when mature and, in an effort to optimize freshness, they’re only roasted at the last moment, right here in Belgium.

Exactly which of these factors makes our Virunga brand coffee so wonderful? 

You could think about it. Or leave it as a mystery and just enjoy your coffee as it is.

The comfort

You might describe it as a big, warm hug. Or liquid happiness. You might even praise it as the motivational pick-me-up that helps you power through a day of work. Or revere it as the reason for catching up with old friends or meeting new ones. There’s a sense of comfort we all associate with coffee. We want you to continue enjoying that comfort for many years to come. And that is why we make sure you never have to feel bad about it. 

The Sister Café proudly serves Virunga coffee. It’s Fair Trade certified, meaning it’s produced using sustainable agricultural methods with the people who grow and harvest it being paid fair wages and working under conditions that promote social and environmental equality.
Virunga even packs its coffee in ecological packaging. It’s coffee that shows respect. Gives full comfort. And comes without guilt.

The personal choice

We love the versatile nature of coffee. Everyone has their own preference. That’s why we offer so many options. 

Prefer your coffee strong and black? Virunga coffee is perfect for you, made with Arabica coffee beans. And if you prefer it with milk, let us know whether you want oat, almond or soy milk, as liquid or foam, and how much of it to add. What if you’re looking for cinnamon, honey or cognac for an extra flavor explosion? No problem. And if you prefer the cool sweetness of iced coffee? It’s on our menu too. Why? Because coffee is about more than just coffee. It’s about you. It’s your coffee. Your preference. Your enjoyment.

Drop by The Sister Brussels Café for your coffee or take a look at our menu if you’re interested in a different way to enjoy your caffeine fix.