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Labelled by Good Food

Since 2018, the Good Food Resto label values and supports restaurants that are involved in a

sustainable approach, and allows the people of Brussels to distinguish restaurants in the capital

that are exemplary in this respect.


The Good Food Resto label

The Good Food Resto label aims to support and guide restaurants that are involved in a sustainable approach. It responds to a demand from the inhabitants of Brussels who wish to distinguish the sustainable restaurants of the capital.

Coordinated by Brussels Environment, the awarding of the label has a non-commercial purpose.

The criteria for this label are based on the main principles of the Good Food strategy: the consumption of local and seasonal products, alternatives to animal proteins, food produced in an environmentally friendly way, while minimizing food waste.

Five prerequisites:

1. Respect the legislation

2. Communication on sustainable approaches

3. Do not use 5th range products

4. Propose a vegetarian offer

5. Use only organic (code 0), free range (code 1) or organic Tetra Pak eggs

6. Offer a Rest-O-Pack

7. Buy directly from Belgian, Brabant and Brussels producers and processors

8. Cook certified organic products

9. Cooking fresh products

10. Propose a dessert with seasonal fruits

11. Produce your own ingredients

12. Offer homemade products (processed products such as bread, dough, coulis, fermentation…)

13. Use tomatoes and cucumbers only in season (June to October)

14. Offer seasonal vegetable side dishes

15. Offer smaller portions for smaller appetites

16. Use sustainable fish (not on the red and orange lists)

17. Offer tap water

18. Offer organic and/or Fairtrade drinks

19. Measure the food waste generated by the establishment – Quantification at least once a year for 1 full week.

BONUS – To be labeled ‘Ecodynamic Company

Discover the Good Food Resto criteria

And exploratory consumers


Indeed, all consumer surveys show it: the demand for a more ecological and healthier food is growing.

Beyond the impact of the volumes, a small restaurant for two, a drink with friends or a wedding party are good opportunities to rediscover the flavor of home-made preparations and discover local specialties and labeled products promoted by professionals.

Websites, applications and other information campaigns allow citizens concerned about their plate to identify establishments that are committed.

So let yourself be tempted by those who are part of the Good Food philosophy!


The Sister Team